Today is the day when words sound utterly trite.

Today is the day when the explosion of mystery unravels every category of thought. It is impossible to begin even to think about this day.

Today is the day that pries open my heart to an awareness of a reality deeper and more true than all the turmoil, horror and loss of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and so many other days in the long litany of life’s sorrows and struggles.

Today is the day that asks of me only the glad surrender of faith, opening to a dimension beyond my ordinary senses or any of the familiar constructs by which I seek to navigate the confusions of life.

Today is the day when the axis of the earth shifts back to its original design. Life returns to balance. In some deep mysterious realm, equilibrium is restored. Without knowing how, I am able to breathe again.

Today is the day that sets human history spinning in the direction of life.

Today is the day when the cracks that have fractured the human condition, soften toward healing.

Today is the day, against all expectation, when innumerable particles of light dazzle the horizon, illuminating the shadows and piercing the pain that seemed impenetrable.

Today is the day when, without even the support of my fragile faith, the light grows brighter, in the midst of the darkness that has felt overwhelming. A power greater than human capacity has stirred in the depths of the earth and begun to emerge into the light.

Today is the day when a woman carries precious impossible news to deliver to sceptical men who still cling to the familiarity of their doubt and their pain.

Today is the day when dead hearts are revived through no conceivable power of their own. Today is the day I see that the heartbeat of the universe is the power of love.

Today is the day when life breaks forth from a stone tomb and passes through locked doors. Barriers are no longer necessary. Fear fades as the light of this new day begins to dawn. Today is the day I encounter life without any need for self-constructed safety, confident in the power that has risen through death. Today is the day I know there is no division. We share the power of unbounded life.

Today is the day that dawns in every newborn infant’s cry, the day that surprises the air with the sweet fragrance of spring. It is the day that breaks forth with every word of love and forgiveness. Every gesture of kindness and compassion bears witness to this power that makes us one.

Creation breathes again. Life stirs into action.

Today is the day, if I stay awake, I may see that the deep purity at the heart of life is not extinguished. Violent voices do not have the final word. The failure I feared has turned to victory. Shame has shed its filthy mantle. I am reborn from this day. Everything begins afresh. What I thought was a hopeless dead-end has become the gateway to new possibility.

Today is the day surprising shoots of light escape through the cracks in my heart to awaken in the dawn that restores the fullness of life to all creation.

I enter fully this day only through the gentle disciplines of softening and opening. Love and tenderness are the way into this day of strength and light in which I find at the heart of life the risen power of Christ alive and at work.