Today is the day that decides the direction of every day that follows.

Today is the day I choose to live in the flashing dawn of light that has arisen out of death.

Today is the day I put my faith in the triumphant cry of life that rings out from the garden where the tomb remains mysteriously empty – “Do not be afraid.”

Today is the day I choose to follow the power of love and live in the stillness and peace that emerged from that tomb that appeared to hold only defeat and death.

Today is the day it is possible to walk in the new creation that has unwound itself from the chains of death.

Today is the day I trust the life-giving rhythm of the universe. Everything holds. The gravity of the earth is love. The fragments have been healed.

Today is the day I can live in the fullness of each moment because no moment is greater or stronger than the power and light that inhabit my soul.

Today is the day I no longer need to wrestle against the forces I so often resist. Today is the day I can surrender to the heartbeat of the universe. Today is the day I let go of my need to look to myself for strength; I have come to the end of my need to avoid facing the realities of my own fragmented and contradictory experience. Today my habitual stance of bracing against my circumstances unwinds into the willing embrace of life as it arises.

Today I can live without guilt or remorse.

Today is the day I discover my true identity. I am not the bad things I have done, or that have been done to me. I am the light that breaks forth from the divine with the dawn of each new day.

Today I can live in the deep reality that I am a child of the transforming God.

Today is the day I can rest in the victory of truth and tenderness. Today is the day of purity and invincible innocence. There is nothing left to prove, no badge of honour I need to earn.

Today there are no longer any prisoners. The doors and barriers have crumbled. The protective fortress has shown itself to be useless and unnecessary.

Today is the day I can live vulnerable to the whole of life. Today is the day of that freedom that does not depend upon external circumstances to be free. Today is the day of that strength and peace no power on earth can destroy.

But today is also the day of getting on with life, of choosing each step of the way to walk in the force of the life that is stronger than death. There will be temptations along the way to slip back to Thursday, be crushed by Friday and lost in Saturday, bewildered by Sunday. But there is room for all that in the miracle of resurrection.

I do not have to walk this path perfectly. I walk only as best I can. Today I choose to put one foot in front of the other trusting that light will come each step of the way. This is the triumph and the hope of that power risen from the grave that lives eternally in my heart.