Love #1

Love can only live by giving. When it steals and is stolen, it dies, because it is no longer free.  TM, Ascent

If we know God and do not love Him, what we know is not God. TM, Ascent

The truth I must love in my brother is God Himself, living in him. TM, No Man

If I love my brother with a perfect love, I will want him to be free from every love but the love of God.  Of all loves, charity alone is not possessive, because charity alone does not desire to be possessed. TM, No Man

Charity seeks the greatest good of the one loved: and there is not greater good than charity.  All other goods are contained in it.  Charity is without fear: having given all that it has, it has nothing left to lose. TM, No Man

The beginning of this love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves… not to twist them to fit our own image.  If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them. TM, No Man

love implies an efficacious will not only to do good to others exteriorly but also to find some good in them to which we can respond.  TM, No Man

Some people never reveal any of the good that is hidden in them until we give them some of the good … that is in ourselves.  TM, No Man

A life in which we love God in men is necessarily an active life.  But the contemplative loves men in God…The love of men in God grows only in depth: it plunges deeper and deeper into God, and by that very fact enlarges its capacity to love men.  TM, No Man 171

God does not love us because we are good, but we become good when and because He loves us.  If we receive this love in all simplicity, the sincerity of our love for others will more or less take care of itself.  TM, No Man

to love another as a person we must begin by granting him his own autonomy and identity as a person.  We have to love him for what he is in himself, and not for what he is to us. TM, Disputed

We have to love [a person] for his own good, not for the good we get out of him.  And this is impossible unless we are capable of a love which ‘transforms’ us, so to speak, into the other person, making us able to see things as he sees them, love what he loves, experience the deeper realities of his own life as if they were our own.  TM, Disputed

[a false love] neglects persons and realities which are present and actual, and which, in all their imperfections, still offer the challenge and the opportunity of genuine love. …this liberal idealism is in fact a way of defending oneself against real involvement in an interpersonal relationship. TM, Disputed

[a false love] seeks the perfect person, the perfect cause, the perfect idea, the perfect experience. TM, Disputed

It is always a romantic evasion to turn from the love of people to the love of love itself: to love mankind more than individual men, to love ‘brotherhood’ and ‘unity’ more than one’s brothers, neighbors, and associates. TM, Disputed