8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,
   and the ends of the earth your possession.

9 You shall break them with a rod of iron,
   and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.’

HP continues to quote from “the decree of the Lord.”

I struggle with the words he believes he hears. They make me aware that I need to be cautious here. HP was a human being. He was, to some extent shaped by the world into which he was born and in which he was raised.

As we journey with HP, we are going to need to remain attentive to the possibility at times that he may have been guilty of some degree of the human tendency toward the practice of projection.

In projection I look at my difficulties, my unhappiness, my discontent and I project the cause for my struggles onto another person or situation. Then, I seek the solution to my unhappiness not in myself but in you. My life would be better if only you would change or if my life situation was different. I no longer need to look deeply within. I can avoid seeing that everything and everyone is part of my inner journey.

So, what happens if I try to see these angry vengeful verses as, in some archetypal way, a road map to my own inner journey?

The key lies in God’s three simple word, “Ask of me…” To “ask” of God is to acknowledge my powerlessness, to come empty-handed, seeking divine aid to help me be the person I was created to be in the situation in which I find myself.

When this is my starting point, I find that I possess everything I need and the voices within me that lead to destruction and death are broken “with a rod of iron” and dashed “in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

The moment I abandon my schemes to control my situation by manipulating the circumstances of my life, I return to my true identity and find the freedom that comes from knowing deeply and truly that I am a luminous beam of light emanating from the source of love at the heart of the universe. What’s to fix?

What happens when I fall prey to the illusion of projection and fail to take responsibility for my own inner life?

Lord, help me to know that your help is always present whenever I turn my heart to you by abandoning my own demands, needs, wants and desires and opening instead to this present moment.