Only God could say what this new spirit
Gradually forming within you, will be.

In this uneasy transition time, I seek to establish security by trying to control the process of my life. I struggle to make the external circumstances of life conform to my determination of how they should be. 

But, no ultimate satisfaction or peace will ever be established by manipulating the world I inhabit no matter how successful I may be at this futile enterprise. The best vision I could ever have of how my life situation should be, will never satisfy the deepest longing of my being. 

What I truly long for is this “new spirit… forming” within me that Teilhard promises. This “new spirit” will go with me across every sea. It will travel with me from shore to shore. It weathers every storm and is able to adapt to every uncertainty, confusion, doubt or fear I might ever face. 

I do not need my life to be a certain way. I need to be a certain way within the changing realities of life as they are. 

The “new spirit” is not something I can create. It is a gift of grace. All I can do is set the sail of my little boat and be prepared to catch the wind when it begins to blow. I do not control the wind; but I can be ready to benefit from its force when it ripples the sea. 

The more I prepare, in this transitional time to go with the force of the wind, the more ready I will be when I come to the next transition in my life in whatever form it comes. Every transition is a preparation for the next crossing until I come to that final great transition when it is time to put off this material frame that carries the “new spirit” that has been growing within.

Lord, help my life to be a preparation every day for the next transition until I come to that passage which will open me to the fullness of your burning Presence.