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This is my best answer so far to the questions I asked two days ago.  See Vision? It is certainly not perfect or complete but it stirs in my heart and so I offer it for conversation and, who knows, perhaps even collaboration…

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On the eve of Christopher’s return from holiday I want to ask a question I have been puzzling over for several months now.

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I think there is a place in the church for altar calls.

And I think there is a place in the church for the kind of evangelical spirituality that altar calls are associated with.  It might come as no surprise, then, to learn that I have an affection for country music as well.

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Language is complicated.

The words we use have deep connections to past experience.  At the same time we use them to create and shape the new experiences we are having in the moment.

For some people the language of the King James Bible and the Book Of Common Prayer are the symbols of their experience of an authentic relationship with God.  For others, the antiquated language and penitential flavour of the liturgy are stumbling blocks rather than stepping-stones to relationship with the Life That Never Goes Away.  Who is right?

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A very happy Birthday to all those born this day – especially bloggers on vacation. Many Happy returns Christopher!

Birth is far less controversial than death it seems. There are no arguments about whether there is life after birth, although maybe there should be! However, I wonder if the question about life after death might be helpfully shifted if we ask the question: “What about life before birth?”
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There is a profound moment in Bill Moyer’s interview with Joseph Campbell, an exchange in which the viewer can see Moyer’s utter bewilderment at Campbell’s vision. Campbell is recounting an audience he had with the Hindu teacher Sri Krishna Menon. As is the custom, the Swami invites him to ask a question.
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