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It is impossible to know, and probably not all that helpful to speculate about, the deep mystery that makes it possible for some people to come through dark circumstances relatively intact while others navigating similar circumstances are unable to find a place of stability, health and strength. Read the rest of this entry »

I had a visit last week from a police officer from the Special Victims Unit of our local police department.

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Heather Plett’s wonderful “8 Tips to Help You Hold Space for Others” ( goes on to offer practical help in supporting children in becoming more fully the people they were created to be.

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I wish I had known Heather Plett’s “8 Tips to Help You Hold Space for Others” ( when, years ago, I was parenting young children.

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See some beautiful words about four young ladies who have appeared from time to time on this blog:

Four Beauties

Nine years ago today on my birthday, an amazing little being came into our lives, the first of four blessed additions to our family.

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I live in a country which on 20 July 2005, became the first country outside of Europe and the fourth in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

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I confess to having a small chip on my shoulder (ok it’s not that small) about James Dobson, the 80-year-old US evangelical leader, author, and psychologist.

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My father died on 3 November 1983. I was 29 years old; he was 73, just 12 years older than I am now.

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It is tempting on Mother’s Day to wax eloquent about the virtues of mothering, spinning out a beautiful vision of the noble calling of motherhood.

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