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Terrence Malick’s 1973 film “Badlands” is a movie that invites the viewer to enter into the experience of loneliness and alienation.

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Terrence Malick’s brilliant lyrical masterpiece, The New World begins in the wilds of Virginia in 1607 as the new world is about to be accosted by explorers from England.

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I hesitate to recommend watching Terrence Malick’s 2015 Knight of Cups.

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… and now for something completely different… or maybe not that different.

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It has been a long time (three years in fact!) since I have posted any comments on this blog referring to Terrence Malick’s filmography.

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Daimon Linker raises an important question for critics writing about Terrence Malick’s films at:

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Human relationships are deeply complex and profoundly complicated.

Relationships can ascend to the heights of luminous beauty and captivating purity. They can approach innocence and sheer goodness. But, they can also descend into the darkest, most painful terrain of violence and tragedy, where we find ourselves locked into separate worlds unable to cross the barrier of our loneliness.

But, most of all, human relationships that survive the years, travel through the interminable, sometimes tiring, often tedious terrain of routine. They are rooted in the ordinariness of the earth; they are built in the mundane world of household appliances and the necessary chores of a shared life.

In his most recent film, “To The Wonder” Terrence Malick explores the uneasy changeable reality through which relationships inevitably pass.

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It is a curious exercise especially for a self-professed “fan”. So you have to admire David Braga’s attempt to rate Terrence Malick’s films from “Worst To Best.”

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I do not know if we will ever get to see it on the big screen here in the little hamlet of Victoria on the west coast of North America but today is the release date of Terrence Malick’s new film “To The Wonder”.

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I can only imagine that a flattering movie review from writer and spiritual entrepreneur Deepak Chopra comes as manna from heaven for a major contender in the competition for the Oscars. But, I hope Terrence Malick does not read Chopra’s recent take on his film “The Tree of Life”.

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