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It has been a long time (three years in fact!) since I have posted any comments on this blog referring to Terrence Malick’s filmography.

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Binx Bolling put a link in the comments section of my post “The Tree of Life’ #2 – A Religion Too Small for Terrence Malick”. The link is from PBS where Roy Anker, Calvin College Professor of English, speaks with considerable insight about Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.” It is worth watching:


So, the conversation continues.

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Jason Moorehead at Filmwell expresses beautifully one of the things that makes The Tree of Life such a powerful film for me:

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Although I am on holiday for another week, I have still found a little time to think and read about Terrence Malick’s film The Tree of Life. Increasingly, it seems to me that the people who have the most valuable insights to share about the film are those who comment from a faith perspective.

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I am pretty sure I have said enough about Terrence Malick’s film “The Tree of Life” on this blog.
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A great deal has been made of the statement by Mrs. O’Brien in Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” that

The nuns taught us there are two ways through life. The way of Nature and the way of Grace.

Malick has frequently been portrayed as suggesting in “The Tree of Life” that life presents us with a dichotomy; we must choose either Nature or Grace. He is even accused by some commentators of holding a vision of the universe in which Nature and Grace are actually pitted against each other – Nature versus Grace.
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Many fascinating and insightful comments have been made about Terrence Malick’s fill “The Tree of Life.” You will find below a few of my favourite quotes from reviews, articles, and comments I have read.
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Last night a beautiful 1300 word essay appeared in the Comment section of “‘The Tree of Life’ #16 – Film Critics Missing the Glory.” In the hopes that this Comment will not get missed, I am posting it here as a Guest Post.

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In case you are weary of my ramblings on “The Tree of Life”, at least skip to the bottom of this post where you will find a transcript of Malick’s stirring sermon from the film.


Terrence Malick writes great sermons; at least he wrote a great sermon for “The Tree of Life.” The Job sermon to which the O’Brien family listen in church on a Sunday morning, is a profound piece of theology, a beautiful piece of poetry, and a deep well of spiritual wisdom and insight.
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