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This Sunday we will read in worship a snippet of the story we know as “The Book of Jonah”. It’s the whale story. But, really it is more about the man than the fish and I don’t like the man.

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Fifteen years ago, I preached on the Gospel reading appointed for this coming Sunday. The sermon I preached that day is more complex and dense than anything I might preach these days, but it may have merit for anyone willing to wade through 2,000 words of text.

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Here is an interesting piece of biblical exegesis from an unlikely source.

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According to John 3:16, God’s love is proved, not by the circumstances of our lives.

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Elsewhere on this blog I have told the story of Rollen Stewart. But, it is hard, when John 3:16 rolls around again in the lectionary, not to be reminded of this strange story. It is a timely tale that has the power to encourage us to walk the way of honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

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The phrase causes discomfort and awkwardness. It seems somehow not quite appropriate in our current context. It carries the taint of discredited colonialism, the hints of harmful hierarchy and Christianity’s tragic history.

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I was reminded last Sunday by John Thatamanil’s sermon what a profound challenge it is to read Genesis 1:26-28 in our current context of global climate crisis.

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Enlarging Our Love:
Or How to Become Christians Who Truly Belong to the Earth
by John J. Thatamanil (posted with his permission)

St. Philip Anglican Church November 10, 2019

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