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In the 25 February online edition of “First Things” George Weigel has drawn out some interesting numbers from the annual “Status of Global Christianity” survey published by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury in his Presidential address to the General Synod on Monday 17 November 2014 pointed out three realities that will inevitably shape the future of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

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He calls himself a bishop of the Anglican Church. He is the International Ecumenical Officer of The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

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Recently I was asked to explain the origins of the Anglican Church/Church of England/Episcopal Church (US).

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Twenty months ago I wrote an article called “Why I Remain An Anglican” which appeared in our Diocesan newpaper. I put it on my blog on January 24, 2009 and invited comments. I am reposting this article and the comments because I recently received a lengthy handwritten response, on paper, in an envelope, with a stamp – who knew people still do that?

I asked the handwriting letter writer if I could share his response on my blog and he granted me permission. I will post his response seperately.
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WARNING: What follows is way too many words.


Over the past two years, I have worshiped occasionally with my brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church. These experiences have almost always been deeply nourishing and enriching to my spirit. I have felt welcomed and at home in most of the Roman Catholic communities in which I have shared.

But my worship with Roman Catholics has also frequently been deeply disturbing. The disturbance has derived from the fact that in many of the Roman communities in which I have worshiped it has been made clear that, as an Anglican visitor, I was not welcome to receive communion.
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Diana Butler Bass is a Christian historian and religious commentator. On Thursday June 3 she entered the fray in a debate over the identity of Anglicanism by commenting on a recent public exchange of letters between Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States.
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There is one “heresy” in the Anglican Church that seems to be more dreaded than any other. It has nothing to do with sex. It is only vaguely related to theology. This “heresy” relates to church governance or ecclesiology. It is called “congregationalism.”
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