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David Remnick has been editor of The New Yorker magazine since 1998.

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The soul searching in the Democratic Party of the United States has begun.  It will be a painful process.

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I confess to having a small chip on my shoulder (ok it’s not that small) about James Dobson, the 80-year-old US evangelical leader, author, and psychologist.

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Using the Bible to make a joke can be a tricky business.

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I do not know why I feel compelled to embarrass myself and my Christian faith on this blog.

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Sunday in my sermon I reflected on Luke 18:9-14, the parable Jesus told of two men who went up to the temple to pray.

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It is a single word quoted out of context pasted together with another phrase. So, it may mean nothing. But the claim in Wednesday’s HuffPost is that evangelical pastor Rick Warren believes that Barack Obama is “‘absolutely’ unfriendly to religion” and that the Obama administration has “‘intentionally infringed upon religious liberties.'”

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I am not in the habit of posting politcal comments on this site, particularly with reference to an election in which I cannot participate, in a country that is not my home.

But Ann Coulter has driven me to make an exception.

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Last week in a post called “Powerful Leadership” I mentioned two qualities that Susan Adams believes she sees in Barack Obama that help make him a powerful leader. He is, she suggests, a good listener and willing to compromise.

In response two people, one in the comments section on this blog and another in a private email, suggested they would add to these two characteristics the quality of authenticity as an essential ingredient in powerful leadership.
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I did not watch Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address this week. I have only recently figured out what SOTU means. No doubt I would fail a US Civics exam.

But I have followed some of the reaction to the US President’s January 25 address to the American people delivered before the US Congress. Predictably reactions span an enormous gamut of opinion.
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