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I received a comment on FaceBook recently which identified a situation that had caused the writer to “question my lack of faith.”

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My final four pointers to the divine, do not clinch the argument. But, they pry open my heart another inch and enable a few more tiny shards of light to penetrate the darkness.

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Here are three more markers along the way that helped guide me to that place where faith seemed a viable worldview for me to adopt.

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All the recent discussion around agnosticism, atheism and theism has got me wondering what exactly it is that causes me to identify myself as a believer.

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The use of the word “agnostic” raises the question of knowledge. How do we know things?

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The Bible affirms that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. John asserts that “the true light” that is the divine presence “enlightens everyone.”

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