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Nine years ago today, I sent my first blog post out into the world. In those days, before moving to wordpress, I was posting at blogspot:

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Eight years ago this week, I sent my first little missive out into cyberspace at

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Yesterday I received a personal email containing some thoughtful reflections on “In A Spacious Place” (IASP) in response to my Friday post: “Devotion”

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In addition to the usual addictions (coffee at the top of the list) from which I customarily take a break during Lent, this year I am adding a little social media to my Lenten abstinence.

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Seven years ago today, I first ventured into blogland at with an introduction explaining my blog’s name.

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As we prepare for a five night stay at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey, I am preparing for one of the great crises of our monastic retreats.

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Two interesting responses to yesterday’s post on “The Value of Paying Attention”.

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It has not escaped notice that since I posted:


June 23, 2013 

IASP will be taking a bit of a break this week,

there has been a conspicuous absence of new content posted on IASP by this particular blogger.

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This is post # 1,000 on In A Spacious Place (IASP).

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Astute oberservers of the world who are faithful followers of “In A Spacious Place” will have noticed two things in recent weeks.

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