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I have written many times about pain.

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Further texts and reflections on: Tenderness – Gentleness – Mercy – Compassion

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Thomas Merton would have been 100 years old today.

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The world is a broken mess.

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I am a priest.

In my role as a priest I perform a sometimes bewildering array of functions. I lead public worship. I accompany people in rites of passage. I share leadership in a community of faith. I preach, teach and give spiritual support to people in a variety of life circumstances. I pray with people “in good times and in bad.”

But there is one thing I do as a priest that for me more than any other captures the essence of priesthood and connects the varied tasks I perform.

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Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. (John 20:11)

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Why does life so often seem to be so broken?

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The question selected in January for consideration at last night’s Spirituality Cafe was “How do I reconnect with wholeness?”

In my introductory comments I pointed out that the question assumes:

1. that there is such a thing as wholeness. I wondered how we know this wholeness exists, how we might describe it, what it means to us, and how we might have experienced this wholeness in our lives.

2. that we have become disconnected from this thing we are identifying as wholeness. I wondered what might have caused us to lose contact with wholeness and what might be the signs that we had lost this connection.

3. that it is possible to “reconnect with wholeness.” Are there life practices that assist me in reconnecting with wholeness?
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