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Every year for the past three decades on Christmas Day I have read an original Christmas story to the children who join us for worship at our morning service.

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This year, like every year for the past twenty-five, I have written a children’s Christmas story to read at the Christmas Day service.

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I have posted on the Times Colonist “Spiritually Speaking” blog, the children’s Christmas story I will read at our 10:00 service tomorrow morning.


Another children’s Christmas story.

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I like the idea of angels. Especially at Christmas it seems appropriate to think about the possibility of heavenly messngers. I expect children have an easier time believing in angels than most adults. But it is fun to imagine what might go on in a children’s angel world. Here is a children’s Christmas story that imagines a little angel adventure.

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It is easy, in the midst of the busyness, to lose touch with the mystery and the wonder of the Christmas season. When I wrote “The Fire Keeper”, I was hoping to help the children who worshiped with us on Christmas day, to stay connected to the deep wonder of this season.

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