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Karl Vaters’ point #3 may seem disheartening to those of us who labour in the church. But there may be a silver lining to this cloud. But, first we must take the cloud seriously.

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Will Mancini is concerned about the church. He is upset by what he calls “a disturbing trend” in church these days.

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Vicky Beeching is a bright thoughtful young woman. She is completing her PhD. studies at Durham University, is a noted cultural commentator in the UK, and has a successful international career as a musician… and… she goes to church!

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In a recent piece at HuffingtonPost, Lauren Boyle wrote about what has become known in media circles as the “Francis effect”.

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Now here is a headline from CBC that may gladden the heart of any number of people, but particularly those of us who labour in the church:

More Canadians plan to attend a Christmas service than watched the Grey Cup

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Dear Christmas Visitor,

I do not know your name. We have only met once. You greeted me warmly at the back of church on Christmas Eve, shook my hand , smiled, and wished me a “Merry Christmas”.

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I probably should not admit it in public, but I skipped church today.

I was not alone. I was joined by 13,078 of my friends. Well they are not quite all my friends. I actually probably only know about fifty of them. We came in all ages, all shapes, all sizes, a variety of colours. Some were in wheelchairs, some pushed strollers; I saw one who was wearing a shoulder immobilizer.
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