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The second of Mr. Vaters’ five changes that are radically altering the church landscape is a chilling wake-up call for church leaders.

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Zion United Church in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario at one time had 1,000 adherents and spawned two “daughter” congregations.

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Would the problems of church be alleviated if we simply abandoned our buildings?

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Part III of the “Globe and Mail’s” “The Future of Faith In Canada” series declares in its headline, “As churches crumble, communities fear loss of heritage.”
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I once visited the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California; it was a side-trip on our family pilgrimage to “the happiest place on earth.” Somehow it seemed appropriate that the extraordinary glass edifice built by the Gospel of Jesus Christ filtered through the power of positive thinking should be located a few blocks from Disneyland.
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