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The Illinois State University School of Business has recently taken a surprising interest in the Episcopal Church of the United States.

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I know nothing about Deborah Orr.

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The evaluations of  Rowan Williams’ tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury  are beginning to roll in. Predictably the assessments of his time in office reflect the diversity that characterized the difference of opinion on the contentious issues his church faced while he was on the job.

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In 1997 thirty Episcopal (Anglican) priests in the US, led by The Rev. Chuck Murphy, came together to declare the authority of their church “fundamentally impaired.” They stated that their church no longer held to “the truth of the gospel” and that they could not remain as priests in the Episcopal Church.

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On Tuesday May 18, 2010 Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga were sentenced to fourteen years in prison with hard labour. Their crime? Steven and Tiwonge held a party to announce their engagement. Steven and Tiwonge live in Malawi where Section 153 of the penal code prohibits as “unnatural offences” any homosexual acts.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon stated “Cases like this are cases we condemn.” The British government, Malawi’s largest aid donor, expressed its “dismay” at the sentences. The US State Department said the case was “a step backwards in the protection of human rights in Malawi.”

Mr. Monjeza and Mr. Chimbalanga may feel heartened by such words from foreign governments. Sadly, it appears they should not anticipate equally supportive statements from most of the Christian Church and should certainly expect little support from the Christian community in Africa.
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