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On Wednesday 21 September Leonard Cohen turned 82.

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David Brooks posted today an opinion piece at the New York Times in which he seeks to learn the lessons of Donald Trump.

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In case you do not keep up to date on all the latest media frenzies, 29-year-old Edward Snowden is young many who was the source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the history of the National Security Agency in the US where he has worked for the last four years as an employee of various outside contractors.

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At various times in my life I have tried to be a sports fan. It has never really worked.

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David Brooks created quite a stir on Good Friday with his opinion piece in the New York Times, “Creed or Chaos.”

The article is based upon his experience seeing the musical curiously titled “The Book of Mormon”.
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People often send me articles they think I should read. I am usually grateful for their offerings. But there are times when my gratitude goes beyond being merely thankful to adulation and envy. After reading some of these articles, all I can think is, “I wish I had written that!”
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