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As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram, and a deep and terrifying darkness descended upon him. (Genesis 15:12)

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My father died thirty-five years ago today. He was seventy-three, which to me at the time seemed a ripe old age, but today seems sadly young for death to arrive.

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The conversation took place a long time ago in a place far from here. We have since lost contact.

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CAMP COLUMBIA, Thetis Island, B.C. JULY 13-15, 2007
Cynthia Bourgeault

 Saturday July 14, 2007 7:00 p.m. Q. & A.

Perhaps the best testament to what we are teaching is one person who can interiorize spaciousness and presence, remaining centered in their own being.

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I have always hesitated to write about depression.

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Aaron Swartz was, by all accounts, a child prodigy already making his mark in the dense obscure land of computer programing at the age of fourteen. … To read this post see:

I was recently given a copy of a deeply moving letter written to the parents of a young woman who committed suicide after years of desperate struggle with her mental health. The parents had made their daughter’s story public in the hope of finding ways to support other people dealing with mental health issues.
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