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The reality of COVID has caused an inevitable re-evaluation of much that we do in our society.  Before returning mindlessly to business as usual, it is important to hold the questions that have been raised by the massive shifts we have experienced over the past three months and allow the questions to do their work in our lives.

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Too many discussions in Christian tradition are framed in terms of either/or.

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Perhaps I am a naive starry-eyed idealist. But it seems possible to me that, in our psychologically oriented age, we may be uniquely situated in all of history, to address the division between unity and diversity in a healthy life-giving way that finds a creative balance which both honours difference and embodies some degree of consistent identity.

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Read it carefully then ask yourself: About whom might this quote be speaking? What is the most likely historical and cultural context? (answer at the bottom of tomorrow’s post)

What he was able most signally to exploit was the belief that pluralism was somehow unnatural or unhealthy in a society, that it was a sign of weakness, and that internal division and disharmony could be suppressed and eliminated, to be replaced by unity

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NB: lest the issues addressed in this post, the next one, and the four preceding ones seem outdated or irrelevant to the current life of the church, please preface your reading of what follows by visiting:

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The magnitude of change facing the church in our day can at times feel overwhelming. Steve McSwain offers timely guidance for finding our way in the unpredictable world we inhabit.

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Institutions today in the Western world must come to grips with the reality of the increasing appeal of the local.

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After receiving a number of comments to my post “Vision #1 (which I didn’t know at the time would be #1) and the conversations it has sparked, I have become convinced that I made two mistakes in “Vision #1.”
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