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Yesterday CBC took an unusual interest in evangelicalism in the US. The issue that has captured the Canadian Broadcaster’s attention is the US President’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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As we head into Advent, it is my hope to reduce the attention I give to politics in either the “religious” or “secular” domain.

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If you live in the US and move in evangelical circles, do anything you are able today, to put Rachel Held Evans words in front of your evangelical friends.

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When my family gathered for Thanksgiving this past weekend, there were seated around the table, four males and ten females. I have a lot of extraordinary women in my life.

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Yesterday at “FiveThirtyEight” Farai Chideya reported that, since the US primaries in February, Donald Trump’s

popularity among white evangelical Republicans has grown significantly, and now the group is one of his strongest bases of support.

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Why obsess about Trump?

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Yesterday I quoted an essay written by Amy Gannett in which she lamented the apparent longing of evangelical leaders in the United States to reject progress in the interests of returning to a familiar and cherished past and in the process abandon the younger demographic who perceive many of the changes in recent history in a positive light.

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