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Pastor and writer Karl Vaters has issued an important 5-point reality check for churches.

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I know the US is not Canada. But it is likely that, though the numbers are vastly different, the trends in charitable giving are similar in the two countries.

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In a recent article titled “Peggy Noonan On Steve Jobs And Why Big Companies Die” (11/19/2011) at Forbes website, Steve Denning discusses why large companies so often go into decline.

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No matter how the financial life of the church is supported, there are two biblical principles that form the foundation of any legitimate Christian fundraising.

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The church has a troubled history when it comes to discussing the delicate matter of money.

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The Third Sitting Saturday 14 January 2012

Financial Report Part III

Addressing the Ongoing Deficit.

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Saturday 14 January 2012 9:40 a.m. Financial Report Part II

Financial Situation of Synod Operations

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The Second Sitting 9 a.m. Saturday 14 January

62 Clergy registered. 108 laity. Total delegates: 170

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Thinking about the changes that affect the ability of organizations to thrive in our current cultural climate, Cameron focuses particularly on economic forces. He examines the attempts that have been made to deal with the difficult financial realities of our day.
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