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Yesterday the world I encountered in my travels through the day seemed to be filled with grief, anxiety and fear.

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I know the United States of America is not Canada. I am aware that the religious scene in the US is significantly different than the religious culture north of the 49th Parallel.

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I am not good at estimating the size of a crowd. But there were certainly hundreds of us gathered at 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the Jewish cemetery here in Victoria.

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Terry Jones is the pastor of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. When he first came to public attention in September 2010 for his threats to burn the holy book of Islam, I posted a series of quotations from the book he was threatening to incinerate.

Now six months later Mr. Jones has made good on his threat. On March 17, Jones torched a single copy of the Koran and beamed the image of his holy book barbecue into Muslim countries via the internet.
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