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Yeshua says: Grapes are not harvested from thorn bushes
or figs from thistles.
They do not produce fruit.

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The mystery of transformation that is mirrored, that is received by resonance, by communion, by connection, by relationship comes down to your capacity for presence.

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October 1999 – Re-learning Surrender Bethlehem Retreat Centre

We don’t need to fix anything in our external circumstances to make things ok. Okayness is our birthright.

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When we look at Sufism, we are coming back to some of the transformational wisdom of Jesus. Learning from Sufism is not going away from Christianity, but returning to it far more intimately.

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The heart is the key piece in the system of subtle perception.

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In the interest of expanding the voice of “In A Spacious Place”, I have invited Ernest Morrow to offer a post in this space as he feels moved.

“I have no talent for believing in life after death.”
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The English word “courage” comes form the Latin root cor which means “heart.”
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