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As Franklin Graham continues to build an audience for his narrow-minded,exclusive theology, history suggests that his famous father, found himself later in life in a more mellow place than his rigid son presently occupies.

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Perhaps the reason so much Christian teaching so emphasizes the idea that Jesus came to save people from hell is that the promises Jesus made about life before death are so hard to live.

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When I wrote on Thursday this week that “Pope Francis appears to be intent on lowering the barriers that have encircled much of his church since the collapse of the spirit of Vatican II”, I do not think it had quite sunk in just how far the Pope was apparently throwing open the gates.

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Daniel Boyarin’s address last week ended with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

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Keith Bauer took time off work last week. There was no point in showing up on the job because he knew at the end of the week he would not get a pay cheque for his work as a tractor-trailer driver.

Instead of going to work, Bauer travelled 4,830km, from Maryland to California, to be near the heart of the action when the world came to an end and the true believers were caught up into heaven.
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