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Fifteen years ago, I preached on the Gospel reading appointed for this coming Sunday. The sermon I preached that day is more complex and dense than anything I might preach these days, but it may have merit for anyone willing to wade through 2,000 words of text.

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I am going on holiday on Monday June 26. When I looked ahead at the Gospel reading appointed for Sunday June 25, the day before my holidays start, I realized I should have started my holidays a day earlier and left someone else to struggle with Matthew 10:24-39.

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When Jesus cries my cry on the cross, it is the most precious cry he ever makes. And he’s not playing.

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This coming Sunday is casting terror into the hearts of preachers who follow the readings prescribed in the Revised Common Lectionary.

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Perhaps the reason so much Christian teaching so emphasizes the idea that Jesus came to save people from hell is that the promises Jesus made about life before death are so hard to live.

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When I wrote on Thursday this week that “Pope Francis appears to be intent on lowering the barriers that have encircled much of his church since the collapse of the spirit of Vatican II”, I do not think it had quite sunk in just how far the Pope was apparently throwing open the gates.

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Daniel Boyarin’s address last week ended with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

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In case you haven’t noticed, a small shift seems to be taking place in certain Christian circles. A vocal subset of Christians who have spent the last twenty years fighting the battle against the heretic hoards who dare to suggest that homosexuality might not be an abomination against the Lord, have quietly dropped their crusade against gays.
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The hell debate ignited by the publication of Rob Bell’s controversial Love Wins, does not seem to be slowing down out there in Christian land.

Francis Chan is the latest soldier to take up arms in defense of the “Truth” about hell against Bell’s “heresy” about love.

Francis Chan is writing a book to be published by David C. Cook in July. In preparation the publisher has released a 9 minute video in which Chan pleads for the prayers of his viewers as he works on Erasing Hell: What God Says About Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up.
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