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Here is a short video reflection for children on Maundy Thursday: and a longer written Holy Week reflection for adults.

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In his short novel Holy Week A Novel of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, first published in Polish in 1945, Andrzejewski Jerzy tells the story of Jan and Anna Malecki’s attempt to shelter Jan’s Jewish friend Irena Lilien in Gentile Warsaw during the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in the spring of 1943.

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My oldest grand-daughter has been looking forward to church this morning for days.

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Prompted by the calendar lady in my life to ponder the fact that Lent is only four months away, recently I came across a presentation I gave eight years ago at St. John the Divine Anglican Church in Victoria.

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To read comments from Cynthia Bourgeault on Holy Week and Mary Magdalene see:

For my reflections on Holy Week see:


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