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8:39 They answered him, “Abraham is our father.”

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As the controversy over, perhaps soon-to-be ex-tenured associate professor of political science at Wheaton College Larycia Hawkins continues to boil, it is worth thinking about the statement that got her into trouble.

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He has a radio “audience of over 1 million listeners on more than 180 stations nationwide.”

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Bernard Starr, writing in the HuffingtonPost finds evidence that there may be a move among Christians to reverse the tragic trend of antimsemitism that has characterized so much of the history of the church.

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I do not know if Dennis Prager considers himself a practicing Jew; he appears to have been raised in a Jewish context. But, regardless of his personal faith commitment, or lack thereof, Mr. Prager is not shy about stating controversial opinions.

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Amy-Jill Levine in her book The Misunderstood Jew, describes a Christian mindset towards Judaism that I can see having been characteristic of my own teaching at times.

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In his 1986 Forgetting The Root: The Emergence of Christianity from Judaism, Professor of Biblical Studies and Dean of Special Studies at the Athenaeum of Ohio, Terrance Callan deals with many of the same issues that Daniel Boyarin addresses in his recent book The Jewish Gospels.

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Tuesday June 5, 2012 – Dr. William Morrow and Dr. Daniel Fraikin discuss Dr. Daniel Boyarin’s The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ at St. Philip Oak Bay.

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Daniel Boyarin’s address last week ended with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

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Today will not be a notable celebration in most North American homes. It is not part of a holiday weekend. You would probably search in vain for a single greeting card in honour of this day. Families will not hold … Continue reading →


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