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Readers of these notes may have noticed that I passed over John 5:22-30 without addressing the difficult topic of “judgment”. I confess at first, I just wanted to duck the whole subject. But it will not go away if we are to faithfully read the whole of John’s Gospel.

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(nb: before reading any further in these reflections on the Gospel of John, please read the important “Caveat” posted earlier this morning

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37 ‘Do not judge, and you will not be judged;

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49 people died in Orlando on 12 June 2016. 53 were wounded, many seriously.

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9. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

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Being an adult means taking responsibility for my own emotional life.

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A lot of blog writing is thinking out loud. For me, blogging is often a process of  trying to type my way to some degree of clarity and hopefully some fresh insight.

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I find myself deeply resistant to letting go of the practice of dividing the world into “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “bad”, “likes” and “dislikes”.

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Reading any work in translation involves unique and difficult challenges. This is particularly true when the translation is from an ancient language used in a context much different than its original.

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(with thanks to Barbara)

Perhaps the problems in the Canadian Anglican Church began in 1965.

1965 is the year the Religious Education Department of the Anglican Church of Canada, commissioned a report on the state of the Anglican church. Apparently forty-five years ago we were already feeling insecure about the vitality of our Anglican community in this country. The report was authored by a forty-five year old well known journalist and broadcaster named Pierre Berton. Berton called his reportThe Comfortable Pew: A Critical Look at Christianity and the Religious Establishment in the New Age. It became an instant bestseller.

Berton offered a blistering critique of a church he viewed as irrelevant to mainstream society, locked in a tired vision from the past. He said the church had failed as an instrument of social justice and no longer served as a conscience for the nation holding people accountable to a high ethical standard. In Berton’s view the church had surrendered to the status quo and was refusing to shake people up challenging them to live truly Christian lives. The church as Pierre Berton saw it in 1965 was nothing more than a “comfortable pew.”
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