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A pause, even for a second, in the endless flow of words that swirl around me, enables a shift in energy.

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Language gets us into trouble when we fail to understand that all words are symbolic. The richness of symbols is that they deal in nuance and multiple meanings; they are not precise and seldom command universally shared understanding.

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The greatest of God’s secrets is God Himself.

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For more than five decades Jacob Needleman has been a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University. He is a widely respected author who has spent his life exploring and commenting on a range of spiritual traditions.

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I have been challenged recently to think carefully about the possible implications of metaphors I use. I am glad to be encouraged to look seriously at my use of language. How we use words is important. While we cannot control the way our words are received, or interpreted, those of us who speak in public as part of our professional lives, need to take responsibility for the way we address the people who listen to the words we speak.
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Session IV – “Our Potential Role in Peoples’ Lives” 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Q. – Language – what about Father and Son jargon that reinforces a patriarchal vision of God?
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