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Anne Wallace died on October 27, 2015 of a massive brain hemorrhage. Anne was sixty-one-years-old. 

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Olga Lengyel was taken to Auscwtiz-Birkenau with all of her family in May 1944. She was the sole survivor. Her husband, their two sons, and her parents, were all murdered in the camp.

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Every moment of every day we make choices that move us toward or away from a sense of well-being.

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Sometimes life feels like hard work. There are days that start early, end late, and involve quite a bit of running around in between.

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What has come into being in him was life,

and the life was the light of all people.

(John 1:3b,4)

The Greek in which the New Testament was originally written does not have capital letters.  English translators must decide for themselves which words they want to capitalize.

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