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What makes a woman rush to dismiss the female victims of sexual harassment?

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What follows is a tiny bit long and I did not write it. But, it is too stimulating and thought-provoking not to try to share with a slightly wider audience. It reflects on the vital question of what happens to the angst, unrest, anger, and violence Donald Trump has tapped into, after Donald Trump disappears from the US political landscape after 8 November 2016.

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On Monday July 30, on the Times Colonist “Spiritually Speaking” blog, I responded to Marget Wente’s July 28 Globe and Mail Op-Ed piece “The collapse of the liberal church”:

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The days of summer must be offering meagre substance for professional Op-Ed journalists who have found themselves reduced to filling their columns with announcements of the death of what they label “the liberal churches” of North America.

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In case you missed it a massive tidal wave of change has recently been acknowledged by the Federal Government of Canada.

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In a recent opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente addresses the question of gender selective abortion. She asks “Is it okay to abort girls?”

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I received an email response to yesterday’s “The Oppression of Motherhood” post that took a different view of Margaret Wente’s article than I proposed. The response came from a mother I respect as much as any mother I have ever known. With the author’s permission I share her perspective.

So I read your blog and the Wente article this morning. I totally didn’t get what you got! Sure it was a little crazy but I didn’t think it was that bad. I didn’t think she was seriously saying you should drink and smoke.

I thought she was saying you should parent how you feel you should and maybe not worry so much. I have certainly felt that on a number of times. Depending on what group of people I hang out with I am made to feel like a bad parent for choosing to vaccinate my children or as a bad parent for NOT vaccinating. I think it is pretty crazy how now a days a lot of people think you are a bad mother if all your toys aren’t wood. I would prefer to give my children natural toys but if you can’t afford that or you choose not to your kids probably won’t die!

When I was pregnant the worry I had over what I ate probably did more harm than eating some less healthy stuff might have done!

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No doubt being intentionally provocative is good for selling newspapers. But the unsuspecting public might be well-served if such a practice carried a caution – “Warning the ideas expressed in this column may be hazardous to the health of the human community.”

Certainly Margaret Wente’s childish attack (“Globe And Mail” June 25, 2010) on women who try to take seriously the responsibilities of motherhood, should come wrapped in cellophane and only be sold from behind the counter. It is hard to imagine her opinions being given serious consideration in a public newspaper.
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