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Prayer is then not just a formula of words, or a series of desires springing up in the heart – it is the orientation of our whole body, mind and spirit to God in silence, attention, and adoration. All good meditative prayer is a conversion of our entire self to God. 44

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(The following post originally appeared in the Print Edition of the Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper
and at the “Spiritually Speaking” blog:

Twenty-seven years ago this week I moved back to Victoria after a decade’s absence.
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Looking out at the world it sometimes seems that the litany of turmoil and pain just goes on and on: Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Israel, Palestine – earthquakes, Tsunamis, political turmoil, civil war, violence, anger, hatred …
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You have set my feet in a spacious place ~ Psalm 31:8

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