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My only practice, my only devotion, is to empty myself and get rid of superfluities, and try to let my mind and imagination get quiet. TM, Entering

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4 Oct 1999 –13 Nov 2003 Victoria, BC –
from Transcript of Audio Recording of Cynthia Bourgeault’s Commentaries on:
Living Presence by Kabir Edmund Helminski

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We are dying in Christianity because we don’t have a cosmology as big as the world we actually experience.

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Q: Do you each have any final practical recommendation?

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The most important question in the face of terror is not how can I understand what has happened, how can I get even, or how can I guarantee my security. The most important question is, “How might I respond in a way that might genuinely promote peace?”

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CAMP COLUMBIA, Thetis Island, B.C. JULY 13-15, 2007
Cynthia Bourgeault

Saturday July 14, 2007 9:15 a.m.

Our identities that we wear are only clothes that at some point will let us down.

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4. When we sit in silent prayer, we are expressing our heart’s deepest desire to be open to God and to live with an awareness of God’s presence.

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3. Centering Prayer is the practice of putting aside all those things in our lives that fill up the “clay jar” and prevent us from being aware of our true treasure, the presence of God. We call this putting aside “surrender” or “letting go.”

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So, what if a child should express an interest in learning about silent prayer? What are we to tell a child or young person who might ask about our prayer practice?

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Here are two more skills that might encourage children we influence to adopt a meditation practice.

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