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The New Testament offers a challenging vision of what it means to be truly human.

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Lest it ever be thought that love is not at the heart of Christian faith, it is worth noting that in the sacred texts that lie at the heart of the Christian faith, the word love appears in some form, over 1,000 times.

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It is almost inconceivable that people who have perpetrated the acts of violence that have plagued the history of the Christian church might think they could find the slightest sanction in the New Testament for their actions.

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I can only imagine that a flattering movie review from writer and spiritual entrepreneur Deepak Chopra comes as manna from heaven for a major contender in the competition for the Oscars. But, I hope Terrence Malick does not read Chopra’s recent take on his film “The Tree of Life”.

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I am tired of hearing reports of Christians claiming that the Koran is “a violent book.” Before we cast aspersions on any sacred text for containing violence, we would do well to ponder some of the passages contained in the texts we claim as the foundation for our own Christian faith.

In this post I have listed a sample of texts from the Bible that should cause Christians to think twice before accusing anyone else of having sacred texts containing violence. It may be asking a lot to expect anyone to read all the texts I quote below. But it is important to wrestle with the fact that these passages are contained in the book read in many churches Sunday by Sunday ending with the declaration: “This is the word of the Lord.”
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