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On this day in which a new president of the United States is installed I make my plea to whomever may stumble across these words in this small space.

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Focusing on the attitudes with which we attempt to do church has the potential to guard against the dangers that inevitably accompany any attempt to impose on a community the kind of one-size-fits-all programming that inevitably ends up doing violence to the community.

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Every day, I find myself confronted with situations I am powerless to fix. I would like to make things right; I want to heal the brokenness of the world and set the universe on a smoother course towards everyone’s happiness and fulfillment. But, again and again, I confront the extraordinary limitations of my ability to make things better.

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As I have been thinking and blogging about leadership, a number of qualities of what makes a good leader have been suggested to me or have emerged in my own mind.
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The scandal surrounding African-American Baptist preacher and mega-church pastor Eddie Long has stimulated a difficult conversation among black Christians in the United States.
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