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The words of the Psalmist in Psalm 139:19-22 are mean, vindictive, violent, and hateful.They are not the kinds of words we expect to find flowing from the stylus of a great person of God setting down immortal words of sacred text.

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(warning – this where I begin to move off into uncharted territory and may be entering a land of interpretive fantasy entirely of my own creation. This practice is sometimes known as “eisegesis” ie. reading into the text an interpretation imposed by the reader rather than seeking to allow the interpretation to emerge out of the text, a practice known as “exegesis” – shock alert: preachers sometimes engage in eisegesis!)

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In the end it turned out to be less difficult than I thought it was going to be.

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Richard Rohr: If holy affirming is first of all life, then the holy denying is almost inevitable, otherwise we would idolize the holy affirming. It keeps everything flowing. We can’t have it forever. Everything passes away. This everything that passes away is also reborn in God.

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I am opposed to mixing spirituality with politics or social issues. I am convicted that the church should remain neutral on political issues.

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Recently, I found myself standing in church singing a hymn I do not recall having sung before.

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There is a curious detail in the story of Palm Sunday that occurs only in Luke’s Gospel.
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