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In case you feel tempted to dismiss “the Psalm Problem” as if it is not a problem, it is going to be necessary for you to explain to the average intelligent reader, what we do with a poet who devoutly prays to God about his enemies asking that God might

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Starting next Thursday, an intrepid little group of spiritual pilgrims is going to join me in a journey through the biblical Book of Psalms (or at least as much of it as we have time left in this material timebound realm to look at). I warned them yesterday that it is not going to be an easy trip. As a preliminary, I told them we need to look carefully before starting at how we read the Bible. Here is something of what I said.

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Q: When liturgies no longer work how do we remain wholehearted? When old prayer forms don’t carry richness and resonance, how do we handle inbetween spaces?

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6-10 July 1998 – “Essentials of Benedictine Spirituality” Vancouver School of Theology

The wisdom tradition says we just have to be there, hearing and absorbing what God is saying through the experience of our life.

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Living Presence Transcript

that’s the matrix of transformation: meditation; sacred chanting; sacred movement; reading of sacred scripture

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In our Service of Word and Silence last Wednesday we read Psalm 80. This is a Psalm of lament in which the Psalmist expresses his sorrow at the terrible fate that has befallen the people of Israel. The Psalmist accuses God of having betrayed the people of Israel asking,

Why then have you broken down its walls,
so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?

(Psalm 80:12)

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