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Life is so complicated when you get mixed up with other people!  Here come great slate-colored clouds.  I hope there will be a storm and my animal will cool off.  For the glory of God.  Viva Crux! [Long live the Cross!] TM, Entering

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The movie “45 Years” tells a story of isolation, uncertainty, self-doubt, and the struggle to find redemption.

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Beneath most discussions at the recent Diocese of BC Clergy Conference May 16-19 lay the specter of the “PLANNING FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT” prepared by Waller & Associates for the ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA March 31st, 2016.

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Inevitably there will be a lot of goo about “love” circulating during this annual celebration of romance. So, perhaps it is worth taking a more hard-nosed look at the nature of love as we prepare to indulge in this annual glorification of affairs of the heart.

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Will love change your life? Should love change your life? At least one young woman thinks the proper answer to these questions is “No”.

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All people carry an energy transmission of life or death.

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In John 4:21,23,24 Jesus gives the thesis statement for the whole of John chapter 4:

‘Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem… the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such as these to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship hm must worship in spirit and truth.’ (John 4:21,23,24)

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Solitude for some people has a romantic appeal. It seems to hold out the promise of a life of ease and peace. Life would run so much more smoothly if there were not so many difficult people to always have to deal with.
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