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I am sitting in a church hall with over 100 audience members.

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I may not like it. I may resist it. I may fight against it. I may get angry and grumpy. But nothing I do can change the reality that the forms in which my life manifest are constantly changing.
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sooner or later, if we follow Christ we have to risk everything in order to gain everything. We have to gamble on the invisible and risk all that we can see and taste and feel. But we know the risk is worth it, because there is nothing more insecure than the transient world. For this world as we see it is passing away (I Cor. 7:31). 26

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“Colorado Shooter: Insane or Just Plain Evil?” by , Jul 25, 2012 4:45 AM EDT

Is “Just Plain Evil” a legal definition? Is it a helpful definition? Or were the editors of “The Daily Beast” trying to make a theological point when they created the headline for Shapiro and Pelisek’s article on the legal strategies to be employed in the trial of James Holmes?

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In the desert tradition of the Fourth Century CE that is the well-spring from which Christian monasticism sprang, the desert elders spoke often of death. They counseled their students that they should keep the hour of their death ever before their eyes.

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