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In his article “The collective religious experience of #MeToo” Damon Linker characterizes the social media “Me too” campaign as liberal revivalist religion.

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I had a visit last week from a police officer from the Special Victims Unit of our local police department.

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Eleven years ago, I was invited by the church in which I spent most of my childhood to write about my memories of growing up in this faith community. At the time, my reflections were not considered appropriate for inclusion in the proposed publication and so my words remained buried in the depths of my computer.

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I have written about this in the past so it is not a new revelation.

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I can still picture the scene vividly in my mind. I had been away from home for some years and was back to visit my parents. My mother and I were alone in the car. She was driving. Our conversation edged into dangerous territory when she informed me that a man from the church in which I grew up had been arrested for child abuse.
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Recent allegations of cover-ups of sexual misconduct by the Roman Catholic Church have brought to mind my own small encounter with the practice of secrecy. Some years ago I was asked by a church in which I spent time as a child, to contribute my memories to an anniversary publication they were producing.

I decided, no doubt naively, to engage in an unusual degree of truth-telling. The words I wrote were never printed. I include them below as one small gesture to reassure the church that it is still possible to tell the truth. Read the rest of this entry »


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