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Yesterday we baptized three infants in the community I serve.

Twenty-plus years ago, the mothers of these three children were all baptized as babies in the same place.  Grandma has been a faithful member of our church community for all the years between her daughters’ and her grand-children’s baptisms.

In the twenty or so intervening years, much has changed in the world and in the church.


The question came up in our discussion at the “Animate” class last Wednesday evening. What exactly do we mean when we talk about “spiritual” or “spirituality”? It is a good question.

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The good news is that, seven months after surgery on my left knee, I have returned to my three-times-a-week morning ritual of running around the chip trail at the Cedar Hill Golf Course.

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In the difficult times faced by spiritual institutions, it is interesting to imagine why anyone would bother connecting themselves to a spiritual community. What might make it worthwhile to accept the inevitable awkwardness, inconvenience and pain of joining other people in a shared expression of the spiritual journey?

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Institutions that exist to support spirituality in the western world are in trouble.  Membership is in decline; finances are a struggle; programs are difficult to maintain.

Many people affirm that spirituality is an important part of their individual lives. They want to connect with deeper realities and to nurture their awareness of the Divine. But they are reluctant to associate with any formal institutional embodiment of the spiritual path.

What is it that makes spiritual institutions so difficult in our culture?

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Scott Perlo is the Rabbi of Adat Shalom in West Los Angeles. Like most leaders who work professionally in the religious world today he has encountered people who claim to be “spiritual but not religious.”

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David Webster knows how to create a provocative book title. The front of his most recent book has emblazoned on a purple background in bold white type, the title Dispirited. That is not the provocative part.… Continue reading →

in “The Guardian” has announced what she calls “the de-reformation of religion”.

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In the manner of his death, Jesus embodied the dark path of descent that is the central metaphor of Christian faith.

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Christians are frequently guilty of majoring in things that are minor.

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