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Reading The Book of Jonah as a Christian it is appealing to see a contrast, not only between Jonah and the nature of God, but also between Jonah and Jesus. I see at least four interesting comparisons.

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Anyone who reads The Book of Jonah will most likely come away with the impression that The Book of Jonah is a book about… well obviously, a book about Jonah.

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The most perplexing and least satisfying part of the Book of Jonah, is the main character’s prayer “to the Lord his God from the belly of the fish.”

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Jonah is not only a mean angry bigot, he is also a liar and a hypocrite.

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Jonah’s troubles began right at the beginning of the book that bears his name.

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It is tempting to launch a scathing critique of the main character in The Old Testament book of Jonah. And, many commentators have heaped scorn and disapproval on the reluctant prophet God sent to Nineveh.

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The prophet Jonah is the patron saint of “It’s not fair.”

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Every once in a while as a preacher, I receive a response to my sermon that stands out as particularly gratifying.

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