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Everything I know about Richard Rohr from personal experience in his presence, reading his writing, listening to many addresses he has given, and from others who know him better than I, tells me he is a genuinely gentle, humble, gracious human being.

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I am at a three day meditation/teaching retreat/workshop with Cynthia Bourgeault being held on Pender Island at Poet’s Cove. I will post my notes from Cynthia’s teaching while I am here. (Warning: I will edit these notes a little, but basically post them as I type them. They will be unusually long for posts on this site. Also these are my notes, I apologize for any misrepresentation of Cynthia’s words.)

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When I choose to allow your behaviour to control my feelings, I give you enormous power in my life and make myself a victim.

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The healed invalid in John 5:1-18 reminds me of Jonah. Jonah, was miraculously delivered by God, but he was not transformed. At the end of the book Jonah remained as vengeful, resentful, and xenophobic as he was at the beginning of the story.

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