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The Gospel of John describes Jesus as “the Word” of God, the one through whom “All things came into being,” and without whom “not one thing came into being.”

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I was part of a conversation recently in which the question was raised about the purpose of human life.

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The Rev. John Henry Hopkins performed a profound disservice to the mysterious men who are reported in Matthew’s Gospel to have visited Jesus sometime not long after his birth.

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Yesterday we baptized three infants in the community I serve.

Twenty-plus years ago, the mothers of these three children were all baptized as babies in the same place.  Grandma has been a faithful member of our church community for all the years between her daughters’ and her grand-children’s baptisms.

In the twenty or so intervening years, much has changed in the world and in the church.

This past spring The Contemplative Society website ( posted 12 summary statements about the future of church I gleaned from a Lenten Series I attended, accompanied by a response from Cynthia Bourgeault. With Cynthia’s encouragement, I am reposting the original paragraph, followed by her response, and my response to Cynthia. We hope this may generate some conversation. Cynthia will check in and respond to comments if she feels inspired.
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