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Biblical texts can be used to prove a number of beliefs that today are considered by most people to be simply untrue.

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After I am done apologizing for being a man, I am going to have to start publicly repenting for being a Christian. It is hard sometimes to know which is more ridiculous.

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When my family gathered for Thanksgiving this past weekend, there were seated around the table, four males and ten females. I have a lot of extraordinary women in my life.

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At Huffpost Religion, Rice University Professor of Biblical Studies April D. DeConick encourages readers of the Bible to take seriously the place of women in biblical tradition.

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In discussion in an all-male bible study yesterday morning, the matter of biblical teaching on the role of women in the church and in society came up.

(WARNING – many words to follow. But they are all important, all the way to the conclusion at the end, below the biblical quotes.)

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I have been curious, since Tuesday, about the arguments that swayed the Church of England to avoid the hazard of embracing the possibility of women serving as bishops in the church by six lay votes in its recent Synod action.

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Dr. William Morrow – St. Philip Anglican Church Lenten Series Session 4:  ”Sexist: Women, Death, and Disorder” (Leviticus 12; 15; 18-22)

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A recent survey by The Barna Group, a research and resource company in Ventura, California that focuses on the intersection of faith and culture, has found that women in the US are abandoning church.
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