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David Virtue, of the conservative blog “VirtueOnLine: The Voice For Global Orthodox Anglicanism”, has provided a commentary on Canadian Primate Archbishop Fred Hiltz’s remarks in response to the meeting of Anglican Primates January 11-15, 2016 at Canterbury.

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Jonathan Merritt has some strong words for the wordwide Anglican Communion and its sanctions against the Episcopal Church in the United States for its stand on homosexuality.

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I know nothing about Deborah Orr.

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When the Archbishop of Canterbury takes time to reflect on the state of the worldwide Anglican Church, those of us who worship in an Anglican context, might want to pay attention.

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On this  day in which Israel observes Holocaust Remembrance Day, take nine minutes to reflect on the powerful comments and prayer offered by  Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of London at the International Holocaust Memorial Day observance in London, England on 28 January 2013.

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We have been talking about it for eight years; it was intended to be an instrument of unity among Anglicans.

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