The Bishop-Elect of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of the United States has given an interview at the Episcopal News Service.

Bishop Curry appears to be a genuine and lovely man. The interview should be viewed to get a feel for him as a man at:

Here are some excerpts from Bishop Michael Curry that stood out for me:

The Presiding Bishop’s role is to name a vision and direction and to help us go after that and move in that direction. And I happen to believe this is a moment for the church to reclaim its share in the Jesus Movement.

I believe part of the role of the Presiding Bishop is to help the church go where the congregation is, to bear witness to the Good News of Jesus, to live it, and to do it. That’s inspiration… and to say “Now here is what that looks like for us now.”

The biggest challenges for the church right now are in society and the global community. We’re living in a world of real polarization, of great struggles… part of the work of the church may be to help people find ways people of different views and perspectives can work together for the common good.

Jesus welcoming figureThe Spirit is being poured out to open us up, to open us up to this world, like that image of the statue of Jesus with outstretched arms. That’s who we’re called to be. I see my election as opening the arms of the Body of Christ.

Our life as part of the Body of Christ is going to be found as we reclaim our share in the Jesus Movement. The trust is, if we’re doing it on our own, if this is our own work, it’s not going to work. If this is God’s work, if this is the Jesus Movement and if we’re following in his footsteps, living his teachings, living in his Spirit, when we’re really doing that, then it’s not ours alone. In fact it’s not ours primarily. Therefore all of the challenges that are before us, we can engage them… We can move forward because we’re not moving on our own power. We are moving and living on the power of God’s love and nothing can stop God’s love. If you don’t believe me, ask Pontius Pilate.

There are three things I see that this Jesus Movement is about: Evangelism, Forming Disciples of Jesus, and Making Witness through personal service and public prophecy.

In the church the mission must determine the operation. We must create organization and operation that makes the mission happen… Let the mission move us. What is that structure that will serve the Jesus Movement?

I hope the average person in the pew comes to know me as decent, and kind, and strong, and loving, and fallible and sinful. I hope they know me as a follower of Jesus.

I came to know something about Jesus of Nazareth in this church. And I believe in that Jesus. And I believe in this church. This is a good church. And we got challenges ahead of us. But, like my Grandma used to say, “We got a good God too.”

As Bishop Harris likes to say, “The God behind you is greater than any problem ahead of you.” And I hope people will know that about me, that I believe that, “The God behind you is greater than any problem ahead of you.”